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Interviews to experts



James Crawford, Head of PQQ & Submissions at Lagan Construction


Gareth Law, Co-Owner of Debitrak Ltd


David Mayers, Project Officer at Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council


Andy Turner, Managing Director at 1440 Design Ltd




Matteo Cavallini, Head of security and IT Systems at CONSIP


Andrea Chiappetta, Director of Istituto Europeo Servizi


Sante Dotto, Project manager for Public Administration at CONSIP
Cloud Computing services for PA


Sante Dotto, Project manager for Public Administration at CONSIP
Tendering, Open Data and Cloud Computing


Alessandro Ingrosso, ICT Consultant


David Lo Bascio, IT Technician at the Italian National Research Council


Andrea Mariotti, IT Manager at Sinergie Education


Paolo Luigi Scala, Researcher on Cloud Computing at ITC-CNR


Bruno Martino, ITC Expert at Italian National Research Council


Giovanni Sorrentino, Project manager at E-CO e-Learning Studio


Francesco Ulliana, Chief IT Technician at Italian National Research Council






Jaime Aguilera, Fundador of Voovio


Yolanda Azcúnaga, Technical Specialist of Microsoft Azure


Antonio Cabrera, CEO at Gamer Experience


Javier Di Deco, Founder and Data Scientist at PiperLab


Gustavo Medina, CEO of Singular Factory


Pedro Morales, IT Responsible at Adeje Municipality


Genaro Nieto, IBM Software group


Carlos Peña, Founder at Arte Consultores Tecnológicos S.L.


Dreman Piñeiro, Co-Owner of Ecan Solution


Alberto Ruiz, Innovation director of Estrenos XXI




Daniel Hamburg, Project manager at TÜV Rheinlad


Stefan Meyer, System Administrator at WH Gelsenkirchen


Hans-Peter Müller, Foundator of City Systems






Giorgos Georgiadis, IT manager at Municipality of Kalamaria


Charis Goulios, Commercial Manager at OTS S.A.


Konstantinos Kaggelidis, President of Association of
IT Compagnies of Northern Greece


Fotini-Niovi Pavlidou, Professor at
Aristotele University of Thessaloniki


Charalambos Tsitlakidis, Chief Digital Officer at
Municipality of Thessaloniki





António Cabral, CEO at Power-Up ICT


João Pimentão, CETO at Holos


Vitor Prisca, CEO at Wakaru


Tiago Severina, Information Management System Expert at SQIMI


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Final Project Meeting: 20-21 Juni 2017 -  Rom (Italien)
Nationale Stakeholderversammlung bei UNED: 11 November 2016 - & nbsp; Madrid (Spanien)
Drittes Projekttreffen: 03-04 November 2016 - & nbsp; Caparica (Portugal)

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