Università telematica internazionale UNINETTUNO

IN-CLOUD - Partners

Coordinator: UNINETTUNO - Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO

UNINETTUNO is an International Telematics University with six faculties and more than 10,000 students from more than 140 countries enrolled to its courses, which are provided in 6 languages through its e-learning platform. The distance courses have been also broadcasted using the web-tv www.uninettuno.tv and the satellite channel UNINETTUNOUNIVERSITY.TV.
Website: www.uninettunouniversity.net

Partner: UNED - Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia

UNED is a Spanish public University founded in 1972, teaching courses at distance for students all over the world. It is the largest university in Spain, offering several official degrees (27 EEES degrees, 49 master’s degrees, 44 doctoral programs) and more than 600 continuing education courses.
Website: www.uned.es

Partner: IAT - Institut Arbeit und Technik

IAT belongs to the Westphalian University Gelsenkirchen, a German University of applied sciences with students from 40 countries in the world. IAT activities are aimed towards the objectives of technical progress and quality of life. The subjects of the institute’s research, development, testing and diffusion are knowledge and innovation.
Website: www.w-hs.de

Partner: LEO - Lisburn Enterprise Organisation

Lisburn Enterprise Organisation is an NGO with twenty five years’ experience in promoting enterprise and encouraging small business development in Northern Ireland. We are a private company limited by guarantee. LEO is also a designated charity. LEO serves a geographical area (including both urban and rural areas) with a population of 140,000 and a business community of approximately 5000 businesses.
Website: www.lisburn-enterprise.co.uk

Partner: EVM Project Management Experts SL

EVM is a Spanish consultancy company offering services in different ares: Engineering and Innovation, Infrastructure and Space, Funding and Co-investment, Training. EVM has designed many training programs targeted at entrepreneurs and NGO’s, which reflect its special way of understanding the process improvement of both traditional companies willing to innovate, and new companiess adventuring into the fields of entrepreneurship.
Website: www.evm.net


ANATOLIKI SA is a Regional Development Public Organization established in 1995 in the Region of Central Macedonia, the 2nd largest region in Greece. The contribution of ANATOLIKI S.A. is very significant for several services, including the promotion of innovation, the implementation of projects in the fields of Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Savings and other European projects.
Website: www.anatoliki.gr

Partner: Madan Parque

Madan Parque is a science and technology park established in 1995, whose mission is to play an interface role between academia and businesses, by means of promoting the creation and growth of new technology-based firms and knowledge intensive projects within the region. Madan Parque runs also a technology-based incubator offering a high range of value-added services. Currently Madan Parque included 52 companies, 70% of them belongs to the ICT cluster.
Website: www.madanparque.pt

Partner: Effebi - Finance and Banking

Effebi Association (Finance and Banking Organizational and HR Development Association) is a non-profit organization specialized in the management and development of HR and organizational models in banking and financial sectors. Effebi Association has a consolidated experience in the management of EU projects in the field of quality assurance for VET systems, promoting innovative approach to develop/improve the use of EQARF within the sector.
Website: www.asseffebi.eu