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IN-CLOUD - Activities and Results

O1 - Training needs and Professional skills analysis

Leader: IAT
Co-leader: Anatoliki

The output consists of an analysis of the cloud computing state of art, an analysis of the professional skills required in the area of Cloud Computing and an analysis and the design of didactic units that can satisfy the identified didactic needs.

• O1/A1 – Design of assessment instruments - Responsible: IAT
• O1/A2 – Needs’ analysis and labour market analysis - Responsible: Anatoliki
• O1/A3 – Didactic units design - Responsible: IAT


Analysis of the Training Needs and the Labour Market with relation to the Cloud Technologies and Services Cloud services and technologies at European level

Cloud services and technologies: Germany Cloud services and technologies: Greece Cloud services and technologies: Italy Cloud services and technologies: Portugal Cloud services and technologies: Spain Cloud services and technologies: United Kingdom


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Final Project Meeting: 20-21 June 2017 - Rome (Italy) National stakeholders meeting at UNED: 11 November 2016 - Madrid (Spain)
Third Project Meeting: 03-04 November 2016 - Caparica (Portugal)

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